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Josh Groban, Voice Of A Diamond In The Rough

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Josh Slang

Ever wondered what the heck are Grobanites and what does it mean when you are Grobanize? Here's some reference

In A Sentence
A Josh Groban fanatic
As soon as I saw him in concert, I instantly transformed into a Josholic.
turned into a Josh Groban fan
Once you have been Grobanized, you'll look at music in a different light
A belief by Josholics and Grobanized fans
Half of the class who went to the concert are now believers of Grobanism


Avid Josholics and long-time Grobanism converts!(I'm just making tis up but it is true)

The Grobanites message board is usually packed during this hour

Josher Josholic(I made it up)

A Josh Groban fan who is funny as well

That girl is such a josholic josher!


Slangs to use with other Josh Groban fans, try it!!

Email me if you guys have any more Josh-related terms to share

Email me if you guys have any fan fics, news or new tour dates..!!!